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Getting everywhere by boat, gelato stops, pizza, and maze-like alleyways are just a few reasons kids will love Venice. But before you venture out into the ancient city, it’s good to prepare kids with a few resources so they can get as much out of the visit as possible. These are some of my favorite resources for kids that will prepare them for all the things to do in Venice.

Books about Venice for Young Readers

Things to do in Venice

Book about Venice for Middle Readers

Things to do in Venice
  • The Thief Lord: An exciting story about two brothers who run away to Venice.
  • Stravaganza, City of Masks: While not actually set in Venice, this series of books is set in fictitious Italian cities, but you definitely get a feel for Venice in City of Masks.
  • Daughter of Venice: This story of a girl living in Venice in the 1500s is an eye-opening look into ancient Venice.
  • The City of Falling Angels: The tale of a few remarkable people the author encountered while residing in Venice, Italy, in the months after a fire destroyed the famed La Fenice opera theatre in 1996.

Other famous writers such as William Shakespeare in his famous play “The Merchant of Venice”, Joseph Brodsky in his book Watermark which referred to Venice as a “seductive and enigmatic city”, the The Wings of the Dove by Henry James, and A History of Venice by John Julius Norwich, all have helped in capturing the beauty and grandeur of Venice. Reading up on these books can help us get an understanding of why mass tourism is drawn to this Italian city each year!

Guidebooks About Venice

Things to do in Venice
  • Kids Go Europe: Treasure Hunt Venice : I love this little pocket-sized, spiral book that kids can take around Venice, discovering all the treasures for themselves.
  • Venice for Kids : A great guidebook for older kids with fun illustrations, maps and interesting information about things to do in Venice.
  • Venice Cityscape: Not really a guidebook, but a cute visual of the city. I love these little accordion books and try to collect them wherever we go.
  • Venice for Kids (Kindle): This is a different Venice for kids, available on the go as a Kindle version.

Books about Marco Polo

Venice is famously the home of Marco Polo, the 15th-century explorer who traveled to China. Visiting Venice is a great reason to study Marco Polo and his travels.These are some of our favorite books about Marco Polo:

Things to do in Venice

Books About Venice for Grown-Ups

Things to do in Venice

Other books include the story of the World War, Death in Venice and Other Tales by Thomas Mann is also a classic for old readers and is a 1971 film.

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