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Do I have to Carry my Passport in Italy?

Wondering – do I have to carry my passport in Italy? Find out the answer to this surprisingly controversial question! In my private Italy Travel Facebook Group, I receive this question at least once a month: Do I have to carry my passport in Italy? Yes, you have to carry your passport in Italy. Italian […]

What Adapter Do I Need For Italy?

If you’re planning a trip to Italy and ready to pack your bags, you’ll need to remember to bring a power adapter for Italy to enable you to use your usual devices that require power or charging. So you’re about to travel to Italy and have packed everything. You’ve got a couple of clothes, a […]

What to Pack for Your Trip to Italy

Let me help you out with the essentials of an Italy packing list and help you know what to wear in Italy, and how to feel confident while not overpacking! My Italy Packing List & What To Wear In Italy – How to Decide What You Really Need! This post contains affiliate links You’re going […]