Tips for Visiting Saturnia Hot Springs Tuscany Italy

Saturnia Hot Springs Italy

Tips for Visiting the Saturnia Hot Springs Italy

When I first saw photos of Cascate del Mulino, or Saturnia, I knew I had to go.  The aquamarine-colored hillside hot spring looked majestic with the steam rising up from each pool, the resident Italians soaking up the warm bath and the ambiance of the Tuscan countryside drew me in. 

I couldn’t shake the urge to go, so when an opportunity to go back to Italy emerged, I pounced.  I immediately began researching how to get there, what I needed to bring, whether it was safe for kids, how much it cost, etc.

So, instead of making you scour the interwebs, let me put it all in one place for you because everyone needs to soak in the hot baths of Saturnia at least once in their life.

About Saturnia Hot Springs Italy

Saturnia Hot Springs, known in Italian as Terme di Saturnia or Cascate del Mulino, is one of the amazing wonders of the Tuscan countryside. Naturally warm water cascades into travertine stone pools, creating a perfect atmosphere for visitors to wonder at the beauty of nature and relax. Getting there can be tricky and there are a few other things you’ll need to know.

Here are my 10 tips for Visiting Saturnia Italy

1. Driving to Saturnia Tuscany

The driveway in and out of Saturnia is tight.  It may be difficult for larger vans/trucks to make the turn into the parking lot.  Parking is free and the lot is pretty big.  I have heard that it fills up, but we went in the middle of the week in May, it wasn’t full.  I can imagine that on the weekends and Italian Holidays, it fills up.

2. It’s Free

The springs are free to enter.  Saturnia is a free, natural hot spring open to the public.

3. What to Bring

Bring water shoes.  The bottoms of the pools are rough and I recommend bringing shoes that can get wet without being ruined.  Especially for kids’ soft feet.

4. What to Eat

There is a restaurant on the property. So, if you want a hot meal in between soaking, bring some cash. They also have a small shop that sells water shoes, towels, and sunscreen if you need it.

5. Restrooms

There is a restroom and changing area. This area is co-ed and it’s a small space.  There are 3 showers/changing stalls with curtains and 2 toilet stalls with doors. It was free to enter when we went.

6. Valuables

There is no place to store valuables, so pack accordingly.  We had to leave our bag up on the shore unsupervised.  My suggestion would be to bring a lock for your bag or leave your valuables locked and hidden in your car.

7. Water Temperature

The water at Saturnia is 37.5 degrees Celcius year-round.  I brought my 2 and 4-year-old into the pools for over 2 hours with no issue.  Unless you are extremely sensitive to warm water (it’s not hot), you should be fine to soak.

8. Camera

I suggest bringing a waterproof camera case/carrier or a GoPro if you’re wanting to take photos IN the pools.  You will have to climb over the natural pool walls to move from pool to pool, so you’ll need to use your hands. 

9. Private Pool

Find your own pool.  Yes, people do share the larger pools, but I felt like it was more acceptable to find an empty pool instead of bunking up with other visitors.  It’s ok to move through someone’s pool to get to another one, but please use common courtesy while visiting.

10. Leaving Saturnia Thermal Baths

The nearest town is Saturnia located 5 minutes driving from the thermal baths. There isn’t really anything directly around the springs except the small shop/snack bar at the springs, so pack accordingly and be sure your phone has some charge so you can use your GPS to find your way out of there.


Enjoy yourself! Everyone that is at the pool is there to relax, unwind and unplug.  Try leaving your electronics behind and just soak in the Tuscan countryside.

Saturnia Hot Springs Red Worms

Many people have asked about the Saturnia Thermal Springs worms. Yes there are small worms in the water, no they will not hurt you. These hot springs are out in nature and they were here first!

How far is Saturnia from the major cities?

Saturnia is located 2 hours driving from Rome. 

Saturnia is located 2.5 hours driving from Florence.

Saturnia is located 4 hours driving from Rimini.    

Saturnia is located 3.5 hours driving from Bologna.

How do I get to Saturnia?

The only way to get to Saturnia is by car.  There is no public transportation option.

When putting an address into your GPS, use this:
Strada Provinciale di Follonata 58014 Manciano, Grosseto Italia

OR You can look in maps for Cascate del Mulino

If you put Saturnia into your GPS it will take you to the town of Saturnia which is not where the Springs are.  They are located out in the countryside. So, be sure to save this post or take a screenshot so you know what to type in when you get there!

If you are thinking about visiting Saturnia thermal baths, do it.  You will not regret taking a day trip driving through the Tuscan Countryside and soaking in one of the most famous and most relaxing hot springs in Italy.  If you still have questions about your trip, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Thank you to Big Brave Nomad for the helpful advice on visiting the Saturnia Hot Springs!

8 thoughts on “Tips for Visiting Saturnia Hot Springs Tuscany Italy

    • I Heart Italy says:

      Hi. It really depends on which company you rent from and which company you book through. I always book through to find the best rates. But for one day, I would guess under 50 Euros.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Be prepared! Do not speed. Make sure you know how to get out of the cities on the correct roads. I had two traffic violations arrive 6 months after renting a car in Florence.

      • Kim G says:

        Concur. I got two speeding ticket in the same day. One just 10 minutes out of Rome and the other just right before exiting for Siena where we were staying

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