Wellness, Wine, and Adventure in Tuscany with Terra & Tu

Wellness Retreat in Tuscany with Terra & Tu

From taking a relaxing dip in Saturnia’s Hot Springs to practicing yoga overlooking the rolling hills of the Crete Senesi, Terra & Tu combines wellness with the discovery of Italy’s rich cultural and natural wonders. 

When one thinks of “wellness”, a trip to Italy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. How can a country so renowned for its pasta, pizza, and wine be a favorable setting for wellness travel? 

It’s true that the Italian philosophy of wellness—which prizes all three of those things—differs significantly from the wellness culture in the United States. While American wellness embraces restrictive diets, obsessive workouts, and splurging on trendy superfoods, Italians take a more measured approach.

Their version of wellness isn’t about obsessing over health trends, it’s about feeling good—even and especially when that means enjoying a plate of fresh pasta with a glass of Brunello.

From the American wellness perspective, this approach seems like it would turn the country into one giant vitamin-deficient carb-fest. And yet, it has consistently landed Italy a spot as one of the healthiest countries in the world, leading the United States by a wide margin in metrics such as obesity and life expectancy. 

So how are Italians so healthy, despite the absence of many of the “healthy living” trends that we feel are important in the United States? It all comes down to a balanced lifestyle.

By focusing on balance rather than rigidity, Italians lead Americans on average in both physical and mental health—not to mention overall happiness. They simply feel good. It is this holistic approach to la dolce vita that makes Italy the perfect location for Terra & Tu’s unique brand of travel. 

What is Terra & Tu?

Just as Italian culture values balance, so too does Terra & Tu Wellness Adventures, a new and unique spin on wellness travel. Terra & Tu – “the earth and you” – is about personal wellness, but also about authentic travel with a local flair.

With this Boulder, Colorado-based specialty travel company, travelers won’t find hours of studio-based yoga sessions, and they certainly won’t have to sacrifice their favorite pasta dishes in favor of a kale smoothie. Instead, Terra & Tu leans into genuine travel experiences, differentiated luxuries, thoughtful self-exploration, and healthy local food and wine. 

The Villa Experience

On Terra & Tu’s Tuscany wellness adventure, guests enjoy a stay at Terra & Tu’s private Tuscan villa. Set amid the rolling hills of the Crete Senesi, a region southeast of Siena named for its distinctive soil coloration, this centuries-old villa offers a luxury experience like none other.

Here, small groups begin the day with light yoga by the pool followed by a breakfast of Tuscan fare prepared by their onsite chef with produce sourced from local towns.

Combining a modern, luxe interior with the rustic authenticity of the original farmhouse from which it was restored, this stunning villa is the perfect “home base” from which to explore Tuscany.

It’s also fully staffed, leaving guests free to sip a glass of wine by the pool, get a massage, or simply take in the views of the Tuscany countryside without the usual stresses of traveling. 

In the late afternoons, after a day of exploration, additional yoga opportunities and private Italian cooking classes await guests back at the villa. To end the day, our chef prepares a delicious meal from a carefully curated menu, which is paired with a local wine tasting and enjoyed under the stars. 

Terra & Tu Guides

Terra & Tu is not just about creature comforts. It’s also about authentic discovery. To experience Italy in the most meaningful way, you need a “backstage pass”. And that is what Terra & Tu guides provide. Equipped with extensive education in the fields of anthropology, history, and Italian culture, their years of local guiding experience and personable nature provide guests with much more than just book smarts.

They allow travelers to journey through Tuscany in a manner that is both authentic and exclusive—real travel. At the side of these local professional guides, travelers explore ancient hilltop villages and towns like Montepulciano and Montalcino, gaining uncommon insight into some of the most famous – as well as lesser known – historical sites of Tuscany. What you get with Terra & Tu’s guides is the real story of the people, places, and culture of Tuscany in an immersive and captivating way. 

Terme di Saturnia Spa & Resort 

Terra & Tu’s 8-day Tuscany: Wellness, Wine & Discovery trip also includes a two-night stay at Terme di Saturnia Spa, a 19th-century 5-Star resort situated on a 3,000-year-old private hot spring in Saturnia, an ancient, remote spa town in Tuscany.

The Romans bathed in these same waters which can be traced to the snow of Mount Amiata, an extinct nearby volcano. The hot springs’ waters travel down the mountain’s rocky slopes, seeping into the earth’s crust where they are heated by magma for 40 years before reemerging in Saturnia.

Saturnia’s spa boasts the largest selection of services of any resort in Europe, and many guests take advantage of the massages, facials, and treatments, as well as on-site golf and nearby hiking and cycling. 

The time at the resort is for each guest’s to spend as they choose. In addition to the resort’s private hot springs and expansive spa, guests have the opportunity to explore the resort and the nearby town of Saturnia. Whether taking a day trip with Saturnia Bike Tours, booking a round of golf, or visiting the picturesque hot springs of the nearby Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia offers myriad opportunities for relaxation and exploration. It’s no wonder that Condé Nast named Terme di Saturnia the best natural spa in the world. 

Wellness in Tuscany with Terra & Tu

The wellness activities on a Terra & Tu Tuscany trip perfectly complement the luxury travel experience, and each day is a rich, engaging, and culturally immersive adventure. Whether guests are mindfully tasting wine alongside the proprietors of an ancient winery in the caves of Montepulciano or relaxing in Saturnia’s famed hot springs, they’ll find a travel experience that is equal parts luxury, wellness, and adventure.

Food & Wine in Tuscany with Terra & Tu

Tuscan Cuisine 

Quality cuisine is an integral part of any Italian adventure! And with Terra & Tu, guests will enjoy Italian cooking locally and healthily, both from the luxury villa, where their chef prepares meals of locally sourced ingredients and during visits to hidden trattorias which highlight the nuances of traditional Tuscan dining. 

Cooking Lessons

Cooking is an essential part of Italian culture, and the act of sourcing and preparing food is a celebration of a mindful craft too often lost in our fast-paced world. At the side of a professional chef, Terra & Tu allows guests to take a deep dive into the world of Italian food culture, as they scour local markets in search of the highest quality ingredients and learn to prepare fresh meals in the distinctive Tuscan style. 


Terra & Tu embraces balance, and for many Italians, wine plays an important role in a balanced lifestyle. On their journeys, Terra & Tu travelers explore Tuscany’s vibrant wine culture and mindfully taste some of the region’s finest vintages. Through uncommon local relationships, guests have the opportunity to tour both a famous vineyard as well as a lesser-known historic wine cellar.

They learn about traditional Tuscan winemaking techniques from generations of winemakers and enjoy daily selections of local wines from the surrounding region. Of particular focus is the famed Sangiovese grape, the base for the majority of Tuscany’s acclaimed red wines, including Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and Chianti. Wine in Tuscany is a way of life and, for Terra & Tu, an important part of our balanced exploration. 

Who is the typical Terra & Tu Traveler?

Terra & Tu guests are not typical wellness travelers, nor are they typical bus tour tourists. Their guests are inquisitive, introspective, and engaged. They seek journeys equal parts culturally enriching and personally rewarding – immersion in Italian culture is as important as moments of reflection.

Given a choice, Terra & Tu guests prefer a bit of yoga overlooking the Italian countryside to sitting inside a studio. Casually walking a hidden cobblestone path is much favored over head-down power hiking.

They appreciate mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle, but they do so with balance, where nothing is absolute. Local wine, fine cuisine and perusing ancient alleyway shops are uniquely integral to their wellness travel experience.

When it comes to accommodations, Terra & Tu travelers embrace both luxury and authenticity, where historic structures and stunning views are as important as crisp cotton sheets and immaculately appointed surroundings. Terra & Tu guests pursue experiences that focus on both mindfulness and exploration, their purpose to discover the destination, and themselves. 

Of course, there is far more to Terra & Tu’s 8-Day, all inclusive itinerary for this article to truly do it justice. If you’d like to learn more about their adventures, or sign up for one of their upcoming departures, you can find it on their trip page here or contact them at info@terraandtu.com

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