How Much Does a Gondola Ride Cost in Venice?

Two women sitting in a gondola in Venice

A gondola ride is one of the most iconic experiences you can have in Venice. Though it may seem like a tourist trap, it’s actually a centuries-old tradition that Venetians have been doing for years! Gondola rides are a great way to see Venice from a different perspective and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while.

A lot of people who come to Venice want to ride in a gondola. And why wouldn’t they? It’s probably the most iconic image associated with the city. But before you hop on board, you might be wondering: how much does a gondola ride cost in Venice?

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Well, the short answer is that it depends. Gondola rides are not cheap, but there are a few things that can affect the price.

Another factor that can affect the cost is the time of day. Rides during the daytime are typically cheaper than rides at night. And if you want to ride during sunset or after dark, that will cost even more.

Finally, how long you want to ride will also affect the price. Most rides last about 30 minutes, but you can also find 60-minute rides if you’re looking to spend more time on the canals.

Gondola rides in Venice start at around 80 Euros for a 35-minute ride. If you want to add on additional time, it will cost you about 10 Euros for each additional 5 minutes. For example, a 50-minute ride will cost you 90 Euros. Prices also go up at night—a gondola ride after 7pm will cost you about 100 Euros.

Venetian Gondola Ride Price:

  • Daytime Gondola Ride: 80 Euros
  • Evening Gondola Ride: 100 Euros

Is it worth it? We think so! A gondola ride is a truly unique experience that you can’t have anywhere else in the world. Plus, your gondolier will likely sing to you as you float down the canal, which just adds to the romance (or fun!) of the experience.

If You’re on a Budget, Here’s an Alternative…

If you’re traveling on a budget or just don’t want to spend that much money on a gondola ride, there is an alternative. Instead of taking a private gondola ride, you can opt for a group gondola ride instead. These rides cost around 30 Euros per person and last about 30 minutes. group gondolas hold up to six people, so they’re perfect for families or small groups traveling together. Check availability.

A gondola ride is one of the best ways to experience Venice—but it’s not cheap! A private gondola ride starts at 80 Euros and goes up from there depending on how long you want to ride for. If you’re on a budget, consider opting for a group gondola ride instead. These rides are less expensive (30 Euros per person) and just as fun!

So, how much does a gondola ride cost in Venice? The answer is: it depends. The type of gondola, time of day, and length of the ride can all affect the price. But one thing is for sure: a ride in a gondola is an experience you won’t soon forget!

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