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Saturnia Hot Springs, known in Italian as Terme di Saturnia or Cascate del Mulino, is one of the amazing wonders of the Tuscan countryside. Naturally warm water cascades into travertine stone pools, creating a perfect atmosphere for visitors to wonder at the beauty of nature and relax.

About Saturnia Hot Springs Italy

tips for Visiting Saturnia Italy

Saturnia Hot Springs is Free

The springs are free to enter.  Saturnia is a free, natural hot spring open to the public.

What to Bring to Saturnia Hot Springs

Bring water shoes.  The bottoms of the pools are rough and I recommend bringing shoes that can get wet without being ruined.

What to Eat near Saturnia Hot Springs

There is a restaurant on the property. So, if you want a hot meal in between soaking, bring some cash.

Restrooms at Saturnia Hot Springs

There is a restroom and changing area. This area is co-ed and it’s a small space.


There is no place to store valuables, so pack accordingly.

tips for Visiting Saturnia Italy

Water Temperature at Saturnia Thermal Baths

The water at Saturnia is 37.5 degrees Celcius year-round. Unless you are extremely sensitive to warm water (it’s not hot), you should be fine to soak.

Where to Stay Near Saturnia Hot Springs

It is only about a 5-minute walk from the springs, this is as close as you are going to get. It’s a little pricier, but you can’t beat the location.

Saturnia Tuscany Hotel is a 9-minute drive from the hot springs and offers a nice pool and full spa services. You can’t beat those views of the Tuscan countryside either!

Saturnia is located 2 hours driving from Rome. Saturnia is located 2.5 hours driving from Florence. Saturnia is located 4 hours driving from Rimini. Saturnia is located 3.5 hours driving from Bologna.

How far is Saturnia from the major cities?

How do I get to Saturnia?

The only way to get to Saturnia is by car. There is no public transportation option.

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